Let’s Start a Pussy Riot!

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Let’s Start a Pussy Riot is a collaborative book celebrating Pussy Riot and the issues they fight for.

The book has been created in collaboration with members of Pussy Riot and links together the events leading up to and after the group’s arrest and the themes that these courageous women fight for – feminism, LGBTQ rights, freedom of speech and environmental activism. Contributors include Judy Chicago, Jón Gnarr, Antony Hegarty, Bianca Casady, Sarah Lucas, Bobby Conn, Robyn, Kim Gordon, Lucky Dragons, Billy Childish, Jeffrey Lewis and many more.

Pussy Riot undoubtedly ushered in a new era of feminism and political freedom with their protest acts. The dialogue so explosively ignited by Nadya, Masha and Katya continues in ‘Let’s Start A Pussy Riot’. Also heavily influenced by last years Antony Hegarty-curated Meltdown festival, the book includes an exploration of the concept of Future Feminism, asking how we can move forward and unite different voices and generations to create an inspiring dialogue.

Back in March 2012, when Pussy Riot were first arrested, four women (some of whom run feminist collectives in London) teamed up to put on a fundraiser, and this collaboration turned into ‘Let’s Start a Pussy Riot’. Seeing such strong activism for causes they believe in became a ‘click moment’, and they wanted the chance to support, create and activate responses with as many people as possible.

Curated by Emely Neu and edited by Jade French, the book is made in association with Beth Siveyer (Girls Get Busy) and Verity Flecknell (Storm in a Teacup) and will be published by Rough Trade Records.

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